Our Services

We offer professional Home Improvement, Landscaping, and Cleaning services to the Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington DC areas. 

Home Improvement Services

Start your home improvement project with us today!


Do you suspect your roof has leaks, cracks, or lifted shingles? We can inspect your roof with aerial images using a drone to show you where damage exists on your roof, then come up with a reccomended plan to repair your roof. More Details


Need to have new Doors or Windows installed in your home? We can help you pick out the proper Doors & Windows that best fit your home and get them installed. 


If your home is in need of new Siding, you’ve come to the right team. We’ll consult you on the best siding for your home and have our professional installers get the job done quickly and efficiently to have your home looking brand new. More Details


Need to have new Doors or Windows installed in your home? We can help you pick out the proper Doors & Windows that best fit your home and get them installed.


Are your gutters working properly? We can inspect your current drainage efficiency and give you a plan to make sure your Gutters are working effectively. Effective drainage is essential for preventing cracks in your homes foundation as well as keeping your roof in good condition. 

Custom Home Improvement Projects

Have a custom home improvement project that you want to discuss? We’d be happy to go over the details of your project to determine the costs and labor associated with your project. 

Landscaping Services

Let us design a beautiful landscape for your property.

Landscape Architectural Services

We have vast experience in the design of outdoor areas, landmarks, and structures to create the aesthetic you seek. We analyze your existing soil conditions and processes within the landscape to create the proper landscaping architechture solution.

Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance

Beautiful landscaping design is one of our specialties! We don’t just build it and leave, our plans include maintenance on-going so your landscaping looks pristine at all times. We understand how to use the natural resources of your property to enhance the visual appeal.

Hardscape Design & Installation

Patios, Driveways, Side-walks, or any other type of paved surface needs you might have, we are experienced and fully capable of providing a professional grade solution for you.

Turf Services

We offer a variety of services from complete renovations to a comprehensive turf program designed for your lawn.

Erosion Control/Drainage

Erosion of your landscapes can become a big problem when ignored. We can create an erosion control plan that will ensure proper drainage systems are in place to keep your landscapes in place and looking beautiful. 

Snow Removal

Need Snow Removal in Maryland? We understand the weather can’t keep your business from running, count on us for your Parking Lot Snow Removal, Sidewalk Snow Removal to keep your walkways safe during the inclement weather.

Seasonal Decorations

Decorating for the holiday seasons can be a hazardous activity that should be done with safety precautions. Our team of professional installers can get your property decorated for the holidays fast and efficiently, reducing any personal risk and saving you plenty of time.

Custom Landscape Design Projects

Do you have a custom Landscaping Project in Maryland that you want to discuss? We are happy to discuss your project and give you a professional opinion on the estimated costs and effort required.


Restore your property to clean, pristine condition with our professional cleaning service. We provide cleaning services to Residential and Commercial customers.  Hire us today to see the McDonogh difference and why our motto is: “It’s not clean until Mcdonogh Companies has cleaned it!”

Carpet Cleaning

Have dirty carpets? We can restore your carpets with our professional grade vacuuming systems, removing dirt and soils that are stuck deep within your carpeting. Cleaning carpets is one of our specialties and we strive to renew your carpet back to its original condition.

Upholstery Cleaning

Having your upholstery cleaned on a regular basis will help keep your furniture looking new and extend the life of the fabric.

Air Duct Cleaning

Having a clogged or dirty Air Duct can cause health issues and is a real safety hazard whether it is in your home or in your workplace. We can clean your air ducts and make sure the air you breathe in your home/office is clean and fresh. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Has your Dryer Vent clogged with lint? If so, the efficiency of your dryer may be drastically effected by this. Give us a call and we will come out to make sure your Dryer Vent is clean and clear of any obstructions that might reduce your energy efficiency.

Pressure Washing

Need professional grade pressure washing for your home or facility? We can get our team out to your location to pressure wash whatever you need quickly and efficently.